has published an exclusive joint interview with Gojira's Joe Duplantier and Slayer's Tom Araya. The two talk about balancing touring and parenting, how to run a smooth operation on the road, and more.

Says Joe, "When you have the proper crew, they respect the support bands, and they make everything easier. If we have the smallest problem, we just talk to one of them, and it's fixed right away. Everyone is helping one another. You know it of course, but you have a great crew. It helps."

He also talks about being a Slayer fan, saying, "Someone gave me a cassette of Reign In Blood and one of South of Heaven. I had just discovered Metallica at the time, and that was the fastest and most evil music I was listening to [Laughs]. I heard Slayer, and I was like, 'Holy shit! What is this?' I remember looking through the window of the bus and seeing all of the buildings, houses, and people in the street, and all of a sudden, I was completely disconnected from reality. It's a very precise feeling that I still have today when I think about it."

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