Soulfly...August 2002 The Tour: Currently rockin' the road with Slayer, In Flames, and labelmates downthesun (get there early...downthesun goes on might early each night). see TOUR page for show dates... The Shots: Speaking of the tour, courtesy of Road Crew member Joshua Ragland & Road Crew leader Ro Kohli, we have quite a few killer (yes, killer) photos from Soulfly's recent show in LA. Please do check out the band's PHOTO gallery. Classic. The Bass: Ahhhh, and what do we have here? Courtesy of Soulfly bassist Marcello D. Rapp himself, one of his personal basses. No Shit. This is the real deal...not some knock fact, this is actually the same bass which he played in the "Seek N Strike" video. It's true. And it am autographed too. Try your luck, it's up for the taking in our FREE SHIT section. For more on Marcello, check out for an interview. new Soulfly album 3 in stores now