GC aka Ground Control Magazine reviewed our New Jersey rockstars, The Parlor Mob as well as talking to the singer, Mark Melicia, about this and that.

"Formed in 2004, The Parlor Mob started out as a very different creature from the hard rocking entity they are today. Initially called What About Frank?, guitarists David Rosen and Paul Ritchie, bassist Nick Villapiano, drummer Sam Bey and singer Melicia drew notice as a progressive rock-influenced band that also won some punk rock hearts on the Warped Tour in 2005. In 2006, the band changed its name to The Parlor Mob (a name the band felt was more in keeping with what they were doing musically) and signed to Capitol Records where they recorded a four-song EP. Unfortunately, the label was experiencing difficulty and the EP was never released and soon - when Capitol and Virgin records merged - the group found themselves lost in the shuffle and without a label. At that point Roadrunner Records stepped in and saved the day. Now gearing up for a tour across Canada, The Parlor Mob is poised to remind a record buying public that, while it might have bee n a long time since they rock n' rolled, there are still some bands that remember how."

Read more of where that came from as well as the interview, here.