Canadian-born rockers Hail the Villain will embark the inaugural run of the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival starting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 17th. And before they make their names known, Guitar Edge magazine is looking into the six-string prowess of HTV's Joseph Stamp.  In this month's issue of the magazine, Edge dives deep into the band's mystique, writing, "Hail the Villain have defined themselves by overtly choosing not to. The band uses the element of mystery in music videos and on their website to pique your curiosity, while their infectious music is strategically placed to grab your attention."

Further examining the band in guitar terms, the magazine says that Stamp "pairs a psychotic onstage alter ego with spectacular musicianship and a heavy-hitting guitar tone -- comprised of a vast effects rig and high-powered Soldano and Diezel amps -- to wow audiences from coast to coast."

Read what else the magazine had to say about Hail the Villain and their debut album Population: Declining, and read the extensive interview with guitarist Joseph Stamp himself by picking up an issue on newsstands now or by going right here to check it out digitally.

Don't miss Hail the Villain touring North American for the rest of the summer and into the fall on the Uproar tour. A full list of dates and ticket information can be found at this location. Get your copy of Population: Declining  by going right here.