Releasing their debut album Population: Declining today, June 8th, Canada's Hail the Villain have been carving a name for themselves with their fresh take on an old classic. But of course we're biased, so don't just take our word for it -- listen to the band's pummeling first single "Take Back the Fear" below as you read what the critics had to say: writes, "Hail the Villain sound like the bastard sons of Metallica and My Chemical Romance. Fueling a dark theatricality with violently vicious thrash riffs, Hail the Villain have made one of the most interesting and intriguing hard rock debuts in recent memory—Population: Declining [Due Out June 8th, 2010 via Roadrunner Records]. Tracks like "Take Back the Fear" and "Swan Dive Suicide" poetically pummel exploding on impact; in fact, the album is full of so many twists and turns that it often feels more like The Dark Knight than just another rock record. Refreshing, raw and raucous, Population: Declining is dangerously powerful. Not to mention the badass Sin City style artwork adorning the cover, which kicks just as much ass…" contend, "This is hard rock in its highest octane and purest form... this is a solid debut from these talented and very versatile boys from north of the border. Loaded with twelve all-out hard rockin’ tracks, Population: Declining is going to put Hail the Villain at the top of the rock world’s charts." warns, "The band kicks their cd Population:Declining [off] with the overly infectious "Take Back the Fear" which introduces us to this Canadian quartet with an aggression not seen anywhere in music today, I promise you. Bryan Crouch has a great voice as he balances between being the bands aggressor soaring over the guitars at the right moments and soothing the listener in it's quiet moments, which only occur once in a blue moon. You have been forewarned though because once you start it's like watching a Michael Bay movie, there is no stopping the force that will emit from your speakers."

To hear the album, check out the listening party happening at AOL right now!

As the band get ready to grace the stage of the inaugural Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival later this summer, MusicianPhotoJournal sums up what you can expect from this heavy-hitting live act:

"Don’t let their cute, teenage angsty look fool you; this redefining rock group knows how to punch out a sound that you won’t soon forget! Turning up the heat as they rocked their way through their set with a base that might shake you from the inside out, they soon mesmerized the audience with their high energy and unforgettable vocals... Watch for them because they are stars on the rise."