Ten years ago... on a night just like tonight, along this stretch of road in a dense fog, I saw the worst accident I ever seen. There was this sound... like a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State Building... And -- well, maybe that's not my Halloween story, but the ghoulish antics and fuzzy, fiendish memories of Times of Grace frontman Jesse Leach, DevilDriver mainman Dez Fafara and Mutiny Within bassist AJ Jacobs listed below are 100% true and definitely not lifted from Pee Wee's Big Adventure! Read on to see what they had to say about their October 31st's past, and go RIGHT HERE to enter our Roadrunner Halloween contest!

Jesse Leach: "When I was 19 I painted my face in Black Metal face paint wore a big black cloak. I pulled the couch out on the front porch, set up a guitar amp with distortion and delay ran a mic behind the couch and hid behind the couch while my roomates would answer the door to give candy. As the kids approached I would whisper with the delay on and just as they got to the door I would jump up and growl with the distortion on.... This lasted all but 5 minutes as I made a large group of kids cry  & the father of the kids threatened my life with a stick...I stayed in side and drank pumpkin beer and watched Hellraiser the rest of the night."

Dez Fafara: "First off I love Fall time ! Nothings better than when it gets dark early , cold out and the leaves are all changing! But my favorite thing of all is watching my kids and wife dress up and have a good time!"

Andrew Jacobs: "Last Halloween, we played a show in Cleveland, Ohio with Mushroomhead. It was their 16th annual Halloween show and we were thrilled (pun intended) to be on the bill. It was a one-off show for us so we drove from New Jersey to Ohio just for that set. It was one of the biggest crowds we've played for to date and it went great, definitely worth the trip. Halloween is a holiday for metalheads especially and there was no shortage of bizarre costumes that night. Definitely made it a memorable show for us.

This Halloween, we are home writing a ton of material. I guess you could say we're having a British Halloween this time, because the two English guys in our band say that over in the UK, they don't celebrate Halloween! What??!"