Once again, we wish you all a Happy Halloween. For those of you coming to our site looking for a treat, we offer up the following: 1 - A Halloween contest for a chance to win a great Roadrunner Poster Prize Pack. Check out our FREE SHIT section for details...tis the contest with the pic of the dog next to it (by the way, the dog's name is Ponz, and he lives in Brooklyn - go Yankees). 2 - New Music. We just put up streams for five new tracks...well, actually only 3 are new per say, but they are all new to the site. They range from all across the Roadrunner board. Check em out: Chimaira "Let Go" - what we have here is the lead off track from their debut Roadrunner release Pass Out Of Existence. This was one of the last songs the band wrote for this release, however after writing it they knew immediately it was going to start the record. It's true! So, as Chimaira starts off Pass Out Of Existence, we ask you to start off your Halloween. did we mention Chimaria is on tour with Slayer? It's true! Ill Nino "I Am Loco" - do you know why we picked this song from Ill Nino for your Halloween treat? Word has it this is Marketing Matt's favorite song off Ill Nino's Revolution...Revolucion debut. Listen. Do you share Matt's thoughts? (of course, you'll have to get the whole release to do a proper comparison) Misfits - "Fiend Without A Face" - if you're gonna have Halloween, you're gonna have to have a song from these guys. This is track #14 off their Halloween 2001 release Cuts From The Crypt. The packaging for this release has great verbiage written about each and every one of the 17 tracks on this disc - when recorded, where, how it came about, what it's all about...that is each and every track except for this one. Can you figure out why? Type O Negative "Black No. 1" - ya know, looking back, it's amazing this track isn't already on our site. This is one of the 'hum in your head for weeks' tracks off their 1993 release Bloody Kisses. Funny thing, a lady here in the office today was just questioning "what? Is 'Black No. 1' a classic Halloween song? I keep hearing it on the radio today." It's true...it's all true. Listen for yourself & decide. However, this is the version you won't hear on the radio, all 10 minutes and 58 seconds worth... King Diamond "Abigail" - but of course, we had to pull a King Diamond track out of the archives for Halloween. This version of "Abigail" is live, and can be found on the 1991 In Concert 1987 release, recorded during the 1987 Abigail tour. When talking about this recording, King Diamond himself states this is "the rawest live you will ever get." This release was actually from recordings the sound engineer took during various shows on the Abigail tour, just for the band to listen to on the tour bus. Nothing at all was changed...in fact, due to how it was recorded live back in '87, it would be impossible to change. There you go...HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Enjoy the music above, and as always, it can be found in our MUSIC section.