Come August 18th, Coal Chamber's aptly titled new CD - Giving The Devil His Due - will be hitting the streets. Actually, it isn't new at all. In fact, some of the over 20 tracks that make up this album were recorded almost 10 years ago... Not a traditional "B-sides" album, Giving The Devil His Due is instead a collection of songs that trace the sonic growth and breadth of that band of gothic metalmongers that we affectionately call Coal Chamber. It is full of remixes (many of them far superior to the originals), demos (dating back from BEFORE the band was even signed), soundtrack recordings AND ONE ALL NEW SONG, "Headstones and the Walking Dead." Speaking of which, head to our MUSIC section for an MP3 download of "Headstones And The Walking Dead." The story of the song is as such: Originally titled 'Dramatic,' it was tracked in the fall of 1996 during the sessions for the self-titled Coal Chamber debut album, but for some reason, vocals were never completed and the song has sat incomplete in some storage facility until recently when it was unearthed and earmarked as the lead track for Giving The Devil His Due. Dez went back this past May and added brand new vocals - vocals that are, for the most part, more in the style he used on the Dark Days album. Giving The Devil His Due in stores August 18th