In plain English, Sinch's drummer Dan tells "we are currently in Nashville, TN recording an album for Roadrunner Records. Malcolm Springer is the producer. Right now we are recording all the basic tracks at The Rock (Malcolm's studio) and we'll be moving over to another studio to mix sometime next month." Well, their A&R Rep here at Roadrunner, Paul Conroy, traveled down to Nashville last week to hear and see what was going on. His findings are as follows: "I heard a chunk of the record and it is mind blowing. This is some revolutionary melodic shit, unlike anything I have ever heard. It is going to freak some people out. Some interesting tidbits I have learned about Sinch - 1) Jamie, the singer, while in Nashville is honing his skills at basketball and Madden 2002 Playstation 2 football. 2) Mike, the bass guitarist, has become a proficient Ping Pong Player. 3) Tony, the guitarist, cannot handle his beer. 4) Dan, the drummer, has been renamed "Olie" by the producer." As for where the name "Olie" came from, that seems to be a mystery... For the latest info on Sinch in the studio, check out the Studio Journal they keep very updated on their site -