Heartist singer Bryce Beckley was recently interviewed by ArtistDirect.com, and talked about the band's debut EP, Nothing You Didn't Deserve, its enigmatic cover art, and more.

Says Beckley, "We didn't want to stick to one genre. We really wanted to make it transitional between the hardcore metal scene and the rock scene really to show off what we can do with different styles of music. We built the whole EP to have two heavy songs, two rock songs, and one soft love ballad. In case we want to go heavy or rock for the full-length, we can. All bases are covered."

Regarding the cover art, he explains, "On the CD cover, one side of the girl is the loving side. It stems from the title track. That song is actually about a man with split personality. The screaming represents one, and the singing represents the other. His girlfriend cheats on him, and the screaming is him wanting to kill her and get revenge. The singing represents how much he loves her and wants to make things work. As the song progresses, the psychosis takes over. By the end, he's completely broken down. The idea of the artwork was to represent that."

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Heartist will launch their first US tour on November 24; find a show near you!

Nothing You Didn't Deserve is available now - grab your copy from the band's webstore!