Heartist are in the middle of a major stretch of touring - they're just finishing up some dates with Enter Shikari, which they'll follow by heading to Europe to support Killswitch Engage, and when they're done over there, they'll be back here with Crown The Empire (find a show near you!). In this interview with Highwire Daze, frontman Bryce Beckley talks about getting signed to Roadrunner, learning to survive on the road, and much more.

Recalls Bryce, "On our first tour actually, we were driving through Texas – and we drove through this old backwoods road. And we were probably on it for like four hours – and it was the middle of the night like 3 in the morning. There was really, really dense fog, and there were deer everywhere! Like running across the road, and dead deer in the road. Our bassist is a nut about soundtracks, so he put on the Silent Hill soundtrack. And we drove for an hour and a half listening to the Silent Hill soundtrack, all on the edges of our seats looking out the window and dodging deer throughout the road. It was actually scary! It scared all of us. I think we have it on tape where we’re driving, and there’s a deer carcass in the road that we ran over – and all of us screamed at the top of our lungs at the same time."

He also discusses getting signed, saying, "In early 2011, when we were just starting to write all of the music, we were always making jokes about 'Oh, it would be so cool if we played one show and got signed!' or 'It would be so cool if we did this and got signed to a major label!' Just silly stupid stuff. We took as much time as we could to build up a buzz for ourselves before we played any shows. And luck of the draw – it really helped us out and I mean it shocked us! We played our first show – Roadrunner was there and there were a few other labels – and management and all kinds of stuff there. We played one show – Roadrunner flew us out. It happened really quickly – a lot faster than any of us thought it was going to happen. I think it’s still hitting all of us – because we’re still so fresh and we’re really brand new and we’re getting all of these opportunities. It’s still slowly dawning on us how insane the opportunity is. And it is insane! I mean, a lot of people would kill to be where we are right now and we’re definitely not taking it for granted."

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