While Nothing You Didn’t Deserve was a solid release in its own right, it only hinted at what the band were capable of, and with debut full-length Feeding Fiction they lay it all on the line. With every song boasting a towering chorus that practically demands to be unleashed in arenas and stadiums, it is rich with hooks and chunky riffs, and Beckley’s honest lyrics and soaring vocals easily situate him alongside those who inspired him. “We had been working on this record since before we even released the EP. We have put years of our lives into these songs, wanting them to be the absolute best they could be, and when we went into the studio we had twenty-six songs we all loved,” says Beckley. Enlisting producer David Bendeth (Of Mice & Men, Breaking Benjamin) the first task he imposed upon them was whittling this twenty-six down to the eleven that would make the record, something that was considerably stressful for the members. “The first day we listened through all of the songs, and he made us pick which ones we wanted. It was literally like he gave us a gun and said pick which of your children are dying tonight! It was totally the right thing though, because while we still looked at them as individual tracks it resulted in the best album, and he clearly knew exactly what he doing from the start.” Having achieved this, Bendeth pushed the band hard to ensure that their performances were the best they had ever given. “It was almost as if we had to relearn our craft. Our drummer had to relearn how to play drums, the same for our bass player, and he pushed me and pushed me to give everything I could on every vocal take. Really, he fixed all of our tiny flaws, turning us into the band we should be.”

Great performances would be nothing without great songs, and as a lyricist Beckley stepped up his game dramatically. Pouring his heart into everything he wrote, the most important thing to him remains making a genuine connection with listeners. “I draw a lot from my own experiences but also from looking around me and seeing what’s happening. I really try to tell a story, and with every line in every song we hope that some kid somewhere in the world will connect with it, and it will really hit home hard with them, that it will make a difference for them.” Covering a variety of subjects, “Pressure Point” captures the vocalist’s thoughts on the nature of the music industry and the greed stemming from those looking to profit from the hard work of others, while “Manipulate” is born of pure anger, as he vents his feelings on a manipulative ex. Lead single, “Skeletons” shines as a gripping anthem, however it is closer “Demons” that packs the most profound emotional punch. Written from the perspective of someone who has committed suicide the singer really takes you into this character’s mind. “The song is based upon the regret he feels over making the choice to kill himself, and how he had so many people who were there trying to help him and he never let them in. He wishes things could have been different, and that he had let the people save him when he had the chance, but now it’s too late. That’s a powerful idea for me, and I hope that maybe some kid going through a rough time hears that and understands what I’m saying, and doesn’t make that same choice.”

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