Well, the time is upon us...Soulfly and Pantera are in full swing on the road. Have you seen any of the shows yet? Post a review of your thoughts in the IN THE PIT section. Did You Know??? This past Saturday's (02/03) show in LA at the Universal Ampitheater brought about a special guest. Corey #8 of Slipknot took a break from the studio to hit the show. He joined MAX on stage to play "Jumpdafuckup" (track from Soulfly's Primitive that features Corey on vocals), marking the first time the two had ever played the song live together! Check TOUR DATES for a complete listing of the extensive touring that is going on here. Details of openers for the shows outsite the Pantera tour will be posted as soon as word is confirmed. Still looking for more on MAX? Check out MAXIMUM INK. Enjoy!