NOW - right now Dry Kill Logic is getting ready for a show tonight (10/05) in Minnesota with American Head Charge, whom they have been touring with since their return back to the US. They still have a couple more shows with American Head Charge before joining up once again with Primer 55 for another handful of shows (see TOUR section for dates). FUTURE - it was announced earlier this week that come October 21st Dry Kill Logic, along with Ill Nino, will be heading out on a club tour with Kittie. This tour will last about 20 shows, and will keep DKL tied up until the end of November (no pun intended). THEN - before stepping foot back on US ground, DKL made their first tour of the UK in early September. Prior to that, it was touring with Fear Factory. AND, we now have more pictures to show...including pics with such historic landmarks as Stonehenge in Wiltshire, The Beatles Exhibition in Liverpool, and Ron Jeremy in LA. Oh yes, it's all true... Check out the latest additions to their PHOTO GALLERY here. Make sure you check out some music and video footage of the band whilst there too... For a more detailed verbal depiction of their days on the road, check out debut release The Darker Side Of Nonsense in stores now