When was the last time you checked out all of the Ozzfest lineups since its inaugural tour in 1996? Take a look. You can find the complete list at www.ozzfest.com/alumni.html. Quite interesting, it is. In fact, if do your fact checking and cross referencing, you will find that Dez Fafara holds a couple Ozzfest records. For starters, 2004 will mark Dez's 5th Ozzfest tour. 1996, 1997, and 1998 with Coal Chamber (1998 counts twice, as CC did the Euro Ozzfest tour that year), and 2004 with his new band, DevilDriver. Outside of Ozzy himself (and perhaps Phil Anselmo who has appeared with Pantera, Down, and this year with Superjoint Ritual), we do believe that is a record. Furthermore, Coal Chamber was the only band to play on all of the first three Ozzfest tours (once again, outside of Ozzy). "I miss that summer tour," Dez tells. Well, welcome back to Ozzfest. That being said, DevilDriver is home in Santa Barbara rehearsing for this upcoming summer voyage, and writing new material (of which we are told the band already has 8 new tracks). In fact, this Sunday (6/27) at the band's rehearsal space, they will be shooting a new video, for the track "Nothing's Wrong?" off their self titled debut. See DevilDriver this summer on Ozzfest, check our TOUR section for all upcoming dates