First off, know that Hinge A.D. is currently on the road with Fear Factory. See TOUR section for further details. NEXT, this is for the collectors out there - today the Hinge A.D. The Darker Side Of Nonsense promo cd's arrived. Note, the artwork for this piece was made using the name Hinge all over. On the front of the cd case, stickers reading "A.D" were carefully placed. Actually, it's very cool, like a rare baseball card with a misprint, a collector's item! Again, this is the promo discs only. Once the time comes for the commercial pressing of this disc for its June 5th street date, all artwork will have been changed to reflect the name Hinge A.D.. Just a little something to put in your pipe and smoke... Nonetheless, the final track listing for Hinge A.D.'s The Darker Side Of Nonsense is as follows - 1) "Nightmare" 2) "Feel The Break" 3) "Pain" 4) "Nothing" 5) "Assfault" 6) "Weight" 7) "A Better Man Than Me" 8) "Rot" 9) "Track 13" 10) "Give Up, Give In, Lie Down" 11) "The Strength I Call My Own" 12) "Goodnight"