Today in HINGE news... HINGE vocalist Cliff Rigano and drummer Phil Arcudi spent the earlier part of today (03/15) at Red Clay Studios in New York. The main purpose of the studio time was to re-do and add some vocals to their upcoming Roadrunner debut, The Darker Side Of Nonsense. One of the tracks they worked on today was the track titled "Rot". Which, before today, the beginning of the song contained a parody/play on the lyrics of the Spice Girls' track "Wannabe"! All finishing touches on the recording side should be completed by the end of the weekend. In other news, check out, the OFFICIAL HINGE WEBSITE! Well, not quite yet (that link just goes the page we have up on HINGE). But soon enough...soon enough...look for the site to be up and running within three weeks from today. Check out the link nonetheless, the HINGE logo is now posted there. Give it a gander...get used to seeing it...and imprint the address to memory...remember .tv - a first for a Roadrunner band!