For those of you first-timers into the world of Whiplash, we take a moment for a brief history on the band. Whiplash was formed in the early/mid eighties, around 1983/1984 - Tony, Tony, and Tony. The original lineup featured Tony Portaro (guitar), Tony Bono (bass), and Tony Scaglione (drums). Their first album was released in 1986 by Roadrunner, Power And Pain. As told by Borivoj Krgin (, their debut release "was/is a thrash classic...some amazing tunes." Whiplash went on to record two other albums for Roadrunner - 1987's Ticket To Mayhem and 1989's Insult To Injury - before breaking up in 1990. They later reformed in 1996, releasing three more albums (Massacre Records), some of the music being re-recorded materials. As for their three Roadrunner releases, a few facts: Power And Pain - only early album recorded with Tony Scaglione on drums. Tony S, you may know, later went on to replace Dave Lombardo for a period in Slayer history. Tony S has also played in Raging Slab and Sheer Terror. Ticket To Mayhem - first album with a 'non-Tony' in the credits - Joe Cangelosi. Joe replaced Tony S behind the kit, playing on the band's next two albums. Joe later went on to play with Kreator. Insult To Injury - the 'non-Tony' pool deepens, as Whiplash actually recruited a 4th member for the band - a dedicated singer by the name of Glenn Hansen. Random Fact: as remembered by Roadrunner's Executive V.P., directory smashing. Back at our old office at 225 Lafayette Street in Soho, each time Whiplash would come by, they would always smash the glass covering the directory listing located right outside the elevator. Rock.