So, Killswitch Engage's latest release - The End Of Heartache - is officially one week old. And though their first release on Roadrunner (2002's Alive Or Just Breathing) has already made its mark, The End Of Heartache makes Roadrunner history after 7 days. How so? The End Of Heartache is Roadrunner's 4th highest chart debut (#21, behind only Slipknot's Iowa and Nickelback's Silver Side Up and The Long Road). The End Of Heartache is Roadrunner's 8th highest sales debut (behind only the above three mentioned albums, along with Coal Chamber's Chamber Music, the Resident Evil soundtrack, Type O Negative's World Coming Down, and Soulfly's Primitive....rounding out the top 10 - for those of you curious - is Fear Factory Digimortal and Sepultura Roots. But you know what? This has nothing to do with Roadrunner, and everything to do with Killswitch Engage, and another great piece of work from them. If you have yet to check out this release, do so now at check them out on tour (currently on the road with In Flames). Killswitch Engage The End Of Heartache in stores now