What music could we possibly have that celebrates the Holiday season??? Well, outside of King Diamond and the No Presents For Christmas single we put out back in 1985, the list is not too long. But, if you use your imagination you can create just about anything...and after all, that's what music is all about. So, whilst you are getting ready for the upcoming Holiday Season, we invite you to check out Type O Negative's bastardized version of Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe". The song is called "Hey Pete", and it comes from their 1992 release The Origin Of The Feces. How the hell can that song be considered Holiday season music? Good Question. This is where the imagination comes in... True Story A Roadrunner employee here in the New York office once lived in Brooklyn, the same borough of New York City where Type O Negative hail from. (actually, a few people at RR live in Brooklyn, but that is not important to this story) Well, said employee lived in an area of Brooklyn called Fort Greene, just one stop across the river from Manhattan via the D train. At this time last Holiday season, said employee's roommate was at one of many Holiday parties that go on this time of year...we shall call this roommate Tom, which actually is his real name. Well, at around 2:30am, a good and liquored Tom hopped on the Brooklyn bound D train at the Broadway/Lafayette stop in Manhattan. Mind you, the train only had to make 2 stops until Tom was home - one last stop in Manhattan on Grand Street, and then Tom's final destination on DeKalb Avenue in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. As the story goes, it just so happens Tom passed out during the first few minutes of the subway ride. Next thing he remembers is being woken by the conductor and getting kicked off the subway, the train had reached the end of the line - Brighton Beach. Brooklyn's Brighton Beach. A very pissed off Tom then crossed the tracks, and grabbed the D train making its way in the direction from where he just came. At 5:00am, Tom finally found himself home in Fort Greene. "Brighton fuckin Beach" he yelled as he entered the apartment. "I passed out on the train and woke up in Brighton fuckin Beach". Two nights later, a drunken Tom was found shaving his head in the kitchen. It's true. But that too, is not important to this story. The point of this story? How does this relate to the Holiday Season? At 3 minutes and 50 seconds into the song "Hey Pete", the words scream "I'll take that D train, down to Brighton Beach". Tom was told that line in the TON song after his 'trip' to Brighton Beach...and with a smile and a laugh he said "no shit", listened to the song, and wished all a Happy Holiday season. To this day when that song is heard and that line is sung, said employee here thinks of the Holidays. Moral Of The Story? - not only be happy, but be safe when celebrating the holidays this weekend, and the whole season...know where you are at all times, and be safe getting to where you are going. AND, watch out for that D train to Brighton Beach. Have a great weekend. Enjoy, and check out the real stream of "Hey Pete" in our MUSIC section. ps - that would not be the last time that Tom unintentionally took the D train all the way to Brighton Beach