Folks, time to turn your browser to - MTV. After clicking on the above link, search for the feature titled Slipknot Interview (left hand column), that will take you to Slipknot: Home Is Where The Art Is. Look, there is an interview with Corey Taylor and some pretty cool pics taken from their performance in West Palm Beach, Florida, on 7/13/01. Also shot that day on 7/13/01 was BK's Ozzfest 2001 MTV News Report package, featuring Slipknot. This RealVideo file is the same piece that has been airing on MTV2 (as we previously mentioned), and will start airing on MTV beginning tomorrow (07/25). Air times on MTV for the piece are as follows: 07/25 - 9:50pm, 07/26 - 2:50am, 4:50am, 6:50am, 9:50am, and 12:50pm. You want to see more shit like this on MTV? Then let it be known, check it out, it'll show them that people do want goods like this. As for the 'BK' mention...'huh' you say? You H8.