Jimmy Kimmel (late night host/comedian), Scott Ian (Anthrax guitarist), Roy Firestone (sports commentator), John Kruk (no introduction needed...BUT, if you do need one, he once said, "I'm not an athlete, I'm a baseball player"...or something like that), Donnie Hamby (doubleDrive vocals/guitar). What do all of the above cats have in common? Yes, they are all male. But outside of the obvious, come Thursday (5/08), they will all have been guests on the Todd McFarlane Show which runs each Thursday from 4 to 5 PM EST on MLB Radio at MLB.com. And that's a fact. This Thursday (5/08), doubleDrive's Donnie Hamby will be on The Todd McFarlane Show, the tag line of the show being an eclectic mix of sports talk and entertainment, a concept they call "Homers and Hollywood" (hence the title of this update)...oh, and guests talk about whatever they like, not necessarily baseball. Todd McFarlane, of course (for those of you who do not remember, as he has been featured previously on our site), is best known as the creator of Spawn, Spider-Man artist, and the man who bought Mark McGwire's $3 million home run baseball. Crazy. Remember, this Thursday starting at 4 PM EST on MLB Radio at MLB.com.