Earlier this week you read about Coal Chamber drummer Mike Cox's Holiday Plans. Well, now it's Dez's turn. His writing is as follows: This time of year is my second favorite time of year (behind Halloween of course!). I get to spend it with all my family and friends...I love all the Christmas specials on TV, Rudolf, Frosty etc and especially the Grinch that stole x-mas! Along with Nightmare before Christmas, the holidays just seem to come together for me. We're going to Disneyland over the holiday with about 20 friends to see the Haunted Mansion all decorated up and that should be a good time. Can't wait for all of you to hear the music that we've created...I'm so proud of each and every member of this band for the things that they've done on this album. Everybody's spirits are high...can't wait to get on tour and see all you out there! Thanks for the support! Happy Holidays to everyone, may the coming year be great for each and every one of you! Honorably yours, Dez Fafara