Well, well, well, what do we have here??? The UK with an exclusive Nickelback offering? It's true. Yesterday (02/25) in the UK, THREE versions of Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" single was released (in Europe, release dates are on Mondays as opposed to Tuesdays here in the US). For you avid collectors out there, the three single releases are as follows: CD1 - Enhanced CD Single 1. "How You Remind Me" (Album Version) 2. "How You Remind Me" (Acoustic Version) 3. "Learn The Hard Way"* This CD contains the video "How You Remind Me" as an enhanced element. CD2 - Limited Edition Enhanced Digipak Single 1. "How You Remind Me" (Gold Mix) 2. "Yanking Out My..."* 3. "Leader Of Men" This CD contains the video "Leader Of Men" as an enhanced element. Cassette 1. "How You Remind Me" (Album Version) 2. "How You Remind Me" (Acoustic Version) * b-sides from the Silver Side Up sessions Let's see...what more can we tell you...This marks the first time that the tracks "Yanking Out My..." and "Learn The Hard Way" have ever seen the light of day, a true UK exclusive. However, these two Silver Side Up b-sides will be revealed to the rest of the world in due time, as there is talk about having one or both of the tracks appearing on upcoming "Too Bad" Euro and/or Australian single releases. As for the US, "Yanking Out My..." is confirmed to be on the upcoming The Scorpion King soundtrack (03/26 release). What else...GOLD version of "HYRM"? Yes, GOLD version. Word has it the vocals on this mix of the song chime in at a higher level, and you can hear maracas in the background. True. What else...HEY, did you notice that there is a cassette release on this single? Did You Know? This marks the first Nickelback cassette related release in the history of Roadrunner Records. It's true. Or, according to randomly asking a few people around the office their best recollection, it's true. "We don't generally do cassettes at all," tells Kirsten, one of our Roadrunner counterparts in the UK. So, why a cassette now? Kirsten answers, "some people still don't have cd players." Then, when questioned why not do cassettes all the time, she replied, "because most people do have cd players." Hmmm, the plot thickens. Note: she later went on a tirade about running water... Actually, as you know, we did not release a cassette version of Silver Side Up here in the US. And to be honest, we have only gotten ONE email from someone looking for this release on cassette. It's true. Last note - for you collectors out there, you can purchase the UK ONLY single releases online at www.amazon.co.uk.