Coal Chamber and Ill Nino are currently elbow deep on the Jager Tour, it is in full swing. In regards to this touring tandem, we have three updates for you: 1) New Jager date confirmed. This tour will now be heading through Lubbock, (don't mess with) Texas. Date and place are as follows: 4/17 - Lubbock, TX - The Pavilion as this is a Jagermeister date, Drowning Pool will be headlining the evening. 2) A one-off CC/Ill Nino show. Coal Chamber and Ill Nino will be making a stop outside of this tour in the city that smells of oil, Corpus Christi. Info is as follows: 4/21 - Corpus Christi, TX - Concrete St. Amphitheatre as this is a non-Jagermeister date, Coal Chamber will be headlining the evening, with Ill Nino in tow. 3) Venue Change, Venue Change. The 04/23 show in New Orleans comes full circle. Originally to be played at the Howlin' Wolf and then switched to the House Of Blues, the show is back on at the Howlin' Wolf. For the record, this show is to be played as follows: 4/23 - New Orleans - Howlin' Wolf for more Coal Chamber and Ill Nino dates, search our TOUR section