This past weekend the blessed even that is Chimaira touring with Slayer and American Head Charge on the God Hates The World Tour played Canada. Speaking with Chimaira's vocalist earlier today, "it was fuckin amazing. Toronto and Montreal were fuckin sick..." To all of you in Canada, we salute you. Did You Know? - during one of the shows this past weekend, Mark almost slipped up and instead of saying "Canada" was about to say "Canadia" when addressing the audience. See, it all comes from some inside joke regarding Spineshank's drum tech, whom is from there. Not sure what the joke exactly is, but word is the bands always jest "Let's go back to Canadia Land." It true! Anyway, Chimaira left Portland, Maine last night (11/11) for the lovely drive to New Jersey - the scene of the crime for Monday night's (11/12) show. Figuring an average speed of 60 mph, this simple 275 mile trek should really take no more than 6 hours max, ya? Well, instead of arriving in the Garden State at 7:00am as originally anticipated, they got there at 3:30pm instead. Turns out the driver was getting his 'nap on' and someone made a grievous wrong turn along the way. Mark tells the morning was spent with him screaming at the top of his lungs. NOW, why is this story titled "I LOVE YOU"? Well, we are getting you ready for an upcoming Chimaira contest. Remember seeing shows in the 80's or video of shows where the crowd would be waving banners they made? In particular "WE LOVE YOU JON" or "MARRY ME RICHIE" banners held up by chick at Bon Jovi concerts back in the day. Or "JUDAS PRIEST RULES" or "WE LOVE IRON MAIDEN". Whatever your creativity might lend, start thinking of your banner for Chimaira. A contest will be started shortly wherein he/she whom holds the baddest assed banner at the Chimaira shows on this current Slayer tour, will be taken backstage with a friend to hang out. Just a heads up...check back for full details later this week. debut release Pass Out Of Existence in stores now