Everywhere you look in the news today, you will read about The Beatles guitarist George Harrison's death, his passing away at the age of 58. Though it should really should come as a surprise (he has been sick for quite a while now), it is still shocking news. So, why are WE writing about it? It is all about The Beatles. We are a rock label, and The Beatles were/are one of the undisputed founders and innovators of rock. Ya know, if it wasn't for The Beatles, Slipknot would have never happened...well, maybe we won't take it to that extreme, but you can dig deep when uncovering the influence they had, and continue to have. Did You Know? At the time when their Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released, the lead track, “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band”, was the heaviest music ever heard up to the point in time. In fact, you can equate it to what the heaviest of heavy a death metal song that has ever made your ears bleed must have sounded like 20 years ago. The man behind The Production Gospel According To Dave tells "It scared me." It's true. Did You Know? The Beatles were the first band ever to print song lyrics on their album packaging. It's true. Did You Know? The Beatles were basically the first to use any sort of sampling in their songs, something which is done all too often today. It's true. Did You Know? The Beatles were the first band to EVER have one song bleed into another on their recordings, something which most every act today does at some point or another. It's true. Did You Know? Back in the day albums were recorded on four track technology. The Beatles were the first to master multi-track recording, layering more tracks on a song than previously done by anybody, something which is done ALL the time today. It's true. (Did You Know? The first band to ever do multi-track recording was The Beach Boys. It's true.) Did You Know? Though nobody can dispute The Beatles influence on rock n roll, you can probably say that nobody has any idea how far their influence truly goes. It's true. As far as our penchant to offer up random facts goes, it is safe to say that The Beatles are beyond random facts. However, right or wrong, we shall give it a try. Here are a couple thoughts off the top of the head: random fact - At one point in time Eric Clapton (any of you learning guitar today, listen to him) was sleeping with Patti Harrison, George's wife. Clapton's song "Layla" was written about Patti. random fact - Eric Clapton played guitar on The Beatles' song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". Years later, our very own Spineshank would cover that song on their debut release Strictly Diesel. random fact - Type O Negative did a 3 song medley of The Beatles on their World Coming Down release. random fact - Bob Dylan turned The Beatles onto pot. It's true. Random enough for ya? Have a great weekend, and a moment of silence for George Harrison. God Bless.