Remember last week when we wrote "Following the path of many members of many Roadrunner acts before (such as Machine Head, Chimaira, Ill Nino, Soulfly, Glassjaw, Sepultura, Obituary), DKL bassist Dave Kowatch is now in the ESP Guitar family. More to come on that shortly..."??? Well, we didn't fact, now it's time for the more to come portion. Currently is running a couple interviews online - one with Dry Kill Logic bassist Dave Kowatch, and the other with Machine Head guitarist Ahrue Luster. Check em out...apparently, the same cat did both the interviews - because if you notice, the questions are basically the same. HA! But, some of the answers are pretty fricken cool - personal favorite being Ahrue answering how he got into music. News On The Bands Dry Kill Logic - tonight (10/22) is opening night for the Oracle Tour, with Kittie and labelmates Ill Nino. Remember, you can win tickets to this tour in our FREE SHIT section. Machine Head - currently making their way to Atlanta for closing night on the Roadrunner Road Rage tour. Watch out, perhaps a couple surprises are in store for the show? hmmmm? Machine Head starts a headline European tour on November 4th, which will keep them abroad until late December. Check out their latest video for "Crashing Around You" HERE. Dry Kill Logic The Darker Side Of Nonsense and Machine Head Supercharger in stores now