Tomorrow (11/14) Roger (Ill Nino percussionist) will be stopping by the Roadrunner office for a visit before Ill Nino's show on Thursday night here in NYC. You know what that means, ya? Another update for Mr. Rogers Return To The Hood. (do you homework and read up on Part I, Part II, and Part III to acquaint yourself if you have no idea what we are talking about) Hey, and word has it, Roger will be bringing in a guest for Part IV...we'll give you a hint - "the dude". Check back tomorrow... Anyway, Ill Nino coming back to NYC. Tis a great time for a homecoming. Word was just handed down that KROCK here in NYC (92.3 fm) added Ill Nino's "What Comes Around" to their playlist. Ahhhh sham... What else...a 'get well' goes out to vocalist Cristian, who unfortunately had to call out sick from tonight's show (11/13). Rest up, we look forward to seeing you Thursday night in NYC. AND, our man that runs dropped a line today. Seems one of the goers on his site wrote a review of Ill Nino's debut. Read what the fuss is about HERE. Ill Nino debut Revolution...Revolucion in stores now