This past weekend in Old Bridge, New J-E-R-S-E-Y at the Birch Hill, Ill Nino finished up their current tour run with Kittie and Chimaira. Guitarist Marc tells "amazing show. One of the best hometown shows we ever had." Did You Know? - the Birch Hill has a capacity of 1300. For the Ill Nino show this past Saturday night (01/26), they ended up letting in 1600 people. It's True...and it was packed. Onward and upward. Never Expected Remix - Now that they are back home, Ill Nino hit the studio earlier this week to do a remix of the song "What Comes Around" off their Revolution...Revolucion debut. BUT, this is a remix you'd never expect... Usually when you hear the word 'remix', you think radio friendly or dance (for lack of a better word) version, correct? This remix actually went in the exact opposite direction. "Total different parts with new guitar riffs. Almost death metal," tell Marc. For this remix, the guitar, drums, and bass were re-recorded - only the vocals and acoustic guitar in the middle of the song remain the same. "The arrangement is different too. You will recognize things from the original, but this new version is straight up heavy, brutal." Today (01/31), Marc and company will be mixing the song in New York. The destination for this song? Along with Slipknot's new abuse mix of "My Plague" and new Coal Chamber track "Something", this new rendition of "What Comes Around" will appear on the Resident Evil soundtrack...which comes out on March 12th through Roadrunner. It's true. Reminder - for an up close, behind the scenes look at Ill Nino, check out our VIDEO section - The Limelight Package. Reminder II - Ill Nino will be performing at Vintage Vinyl in Ford, New Jersey on 02/13 starting at 6:30pm. Only 250 cats will be admitted for the get there early. And last, come February 20th, Ill Nino leave to the Orient for first ever Japanese tour... debut release Revolution...Revolucion in stores now