Talking from Zing Studio, Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach sheds some light on the ongoing Killswitch recording process: "It's been a slow process for us but things are turning out great. I definitely hand it to [producer] Adam D. - he's the man. We're taking our time, dissecting things. It's made me push myself to my limits - getting a lot more passion and deliver out of what I'm doing." The next few weeks will find Killswitch joined in the studio by Shadows Fall frontman Brian Fair. Fair is an old friend of the band and a former bandmate of KsE bassist Mike D'antonio from seminal metalcore legends, Overcast. "It's an honor and a blessing to have him do guest vocals on the album," says Jesse of Shads-man Fair. "He's an energetic singer who we all know and respect - for quite some time now." And about THOSE pictures that have cropped up on the website as of late...The frontman grins for a moment and chuckles: "I have a sense of humor, too. " If you have yet to see the studio pics which Jesse refers to, check out the Killswitch Engage PHOTO GALLERY. This is the word of KsE