Insurgentes is a musical road movie by Lasse Hoile that follows the making of Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson's solo record of the same name, and is screening in New York City tomorrow, Tuesday, September 21st at the IFC Center at 7:30PM.

The film is ultimately a portrait of an increasingly rare artist who works with music and media out of love and not for fame and fortune, persisting in making art on his own terms in a world where 'throw-away' mentality is increasingly becoming the norm.

Insurgentes explores music and the album as art form, and applying the same aesthetic vision through the writing, performance, production, artwork, lyrics, videos and beyond. The film looks into the issues of creating, packaging and marketing music in an era when iPods, mp3's and download culture are changing and eroding perceptions of exactly what an album is supposed to sound and look like.

"My fear is that the current generation of kids who're being born into this information revolution, growing up with the Internet, cell phones, iPods, this download culture, 'American Idol,' reality TV, prescription drugs, PlayStations — all of these things kind of distract people from what's important about life, which is to develop a sense of curiosity about what's out there.” Steven Wilson, MTV News

It's this curiosity that takes the artist around the world to find inspiration to create and record his music.

Through travels to different cultures and continents we meet with other personalities in the industry, including Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth, the Israeli superstar Aviv Geffen and the legendary producer Trevor Horn, and hear different opinions on the current and future state of music. The result, as Lasse remarks, is "both a portrait of Steven as an artist but also a look at today’s download culture and the effects it has on the artists trying to create and share what is truly in their hearts and minds."

Insurgentes also follows Steven back to his roots and upbringing and what led to him becoming a musician, from humble beginnings in the suburbs of London to touring the world as a successful artist, working with many other established artists, and creating a lasting legacy of recorded work. Watch the trailer below and click the banner for more information on this film.

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