THE SELF-TITLED SONG "IOWA" PLAYED. On January 29th 2002, Slipknot played a sold out show at The Docks in Hamburg, Germany. The people who saw that show are now part of Slipknot history. The show opened with the song "Iowa" which was played in its entirety for the second time EVER, the first time being when it was recorded for Slipknot's platinum selling 2nd album Iowa. This will never happen again. The set consisted of 'Iowa', 'People=Shit', 'Disasterpiece', 'Eeyore', 'Heretic Anthem', 'Wait & Bleed', 'Sic' and 'Surfacing'. Slipknot is currently on an extensive European tour. The show in Hamburg, though not as lengthy as the usual set, will be one of the most memorable shows in Slipknot's history. It was Slipknot at their most decadent, spontaneous and 'sic' and gave the band the chance to go back to the so called 'bar days' where no one knew just what could happen on any Slipknot show on any night. Slipknot will return to Hamburg and the band has promised to play a 'make up' show.