The inevitable is drawing more piece to the puzzle has been fitted... Slipknot's upcoming release, titled IOWA, just passed through a rite of passage...the cover has been approved. Though an absolute release date has yet to be announced, by looking on our NEW RELEASES page, you will see this release is scheduled under the August month. We expect to be able to give you a confirmed release date by the end of the week. Other Slipknot News Also by lookng at our NEW RELEASES page, you will notice something titled Slipknot DVD under November 2001. YES, a Slipknot DVD is in the works, currently anticipating a release later this year. It will feature all new, original material with all the bells and whistles. More details to come... For now, we leave you with 2 last words in the wake of the IOWA cover being approved - From the mouth of Marketing Matt, "Shine on..." (you'll see what he means soon enough)