The latest on the recording of Spineshank's new album, as told by drummer Tommy Decker: hey all, It has been a while since I've posted, but things have been pretty quiet. We have been busy mixing and rehearsing...we want to hit the road soon!!!! The mixes are coming out great and should be done real soon. We also did the photo shoot for the album package this week, which should be really cool. The same company that did the packaging for "Fight Club" is doing it, and they have a lot of cool ideas and visuals. As soon as we get some art work done we're going to "redo" the website. So if you have any suggestions on things you like to see on the site, just post it up on the message board. We read it daily and have been posting answers to as many questions as we can. Most of you have heard that the record has been pushed back to July 15. We are as disappointed as many of you are about this. Roadrunner has four releases in June and felt that throwing Self Destructive Pattern into the crowd was a bad idea. I tend to agree, but I'm hoping that something happens that will get it pushed back up. We'll that's all for now. -Tommy