So, just how incestuous is the record industry? Pretty damn hardcore, taboo, naughty, illegal...whatever term you want to use. Paths cross more easily than you might ever know. Example: Ex-Life Of Agony (previous Roadrunner band) bassist Alan Robert is set to hit the studio with his current band Among Thieves come 8/26. They will be recording a three song demo in New Jersey with producer Michael Barbiero (Guns N Roses, Metallica...the guy is a legend in the business). So, where is all the overlap? Eat this, a) the drummer for this recording session will be Danny Schuler from Biohazard (another past Roadrunner band), b) Michael Barbiero was the producer for Life Of Agony's second Roadrunner release, Ugly, c) Michael Barbiero most recently mixed the upcoming Double Drive release (new Roadrunner band), and let's add one more band into the mix, d) Theory Of A Deadman. How? Alan Robert created and designed Theory's website. All true. Theory Of A Deadman self titled debut in stores 9/17, Double Drive coming early 2003