They say a picture is worth a thousand words...if true, then what would a video be worth? Here is an update on three new Roadrunner videos coming down the pipeline: Killswitch Engage: The band is currently shooting their debut video - "My Last Serenade" - a track from the forthcoming Alive Or Just Breathing (May 21 street date). Collectively, they flew from Boston to LA last night (04/24). After a stopping off at various LA hot spots, such as Taco Bell (see tomorrow's interview with Adam), the band was fitted for some threads. As this is being written (6:58pm EST on 04/25), the band is finishing up the 'shoot' part of the video. At the moment, performing live performance footage - word is the music is being played at 1/4 speed, so it looks real slow motion like...dig? The video, being shot in Culver City, will call it a wrap shortly. Then, the band takes the red eye back to Boston. Paul Brown, the man behind Coal Chamber's "Fiend" video, is heading this effort. Five Pointe O: Currently playing the 2nd leg of the Mushroomhead tour, their debut video shoot is shaping up to take place sometime in mid-May, most likely in NYC. Song for this video has yet to be determined. Speaking of video, word has it the band's show in Grand Rapids tomorrow night (04/26) will be filmed. If you hit this show, make a ruckus...dig? 36 Crazyfists: The band will have 3 days off come mid-May - they are currently touring with Chimaira. Making use of this time, looks like a video will be shot on May 15th, somewhere in NYC. The song will most likely be "Slit Wrist Theory", off their debut Bitterness The Star. Chris Wilcha, who most recently did a piece titled History Of The Mosh, will be directing this beast. If you are so inclined and want to read up a bit more on him, you will find an article about Chris in the current issue of AP - the one with Green Day and Blink 182 on the cover...dig? That's a wrap...more info to come as plans solidify and shoots complete. Hey, all the above bands are either on tour now, or will be shortly - check TOUR section for details. Hey, Hey, these bands, and other fine Roadrunner artists, have albums in stores now (well, ceptin for Killswitch Engage, but come 05/21, they will too)...funny how that works out, no? KsE's album has yet to be released, yet they will finish their video prior to any of the other acts...dig?