Folks, It's called a Radio Campaign, and here is how it works - A radio station adds a song to their playlist. They then play said song it a few times and see what the reaction in YOUR reaction. Based on YOU calling your station and saying the song is great or sucks ass, the radio station decides to either keep playing the beast or throw it in the trash. Fear Factory's "Linchpin" is already getting a great reaction and you can help put 'em over the top. To get it out there even more we need YOU to call YOUR station (yes, consider yourself THEIR boss) and tell them to keep playing Fear Factory's "Linchpin". For the love of GOD, please call YOUR local station! Every call you make will send 1 cent to Roadrunner and help out a starving marketing employee! In all seriousness, please call YOUR station and get the sweet sounds of Fear Factory's "Linchpin" flowing through the airwaves. Below is a list of stations currently playing it. Let them know YOU want to hear it more! KAZR Des Moines, IA 800-449-1033 KBPI Denver, CO 303-713-Rock KCNL SF-Oakland, CA 877-244-1049 KCXX Los Angeles, CA 909-889-1039 KEGL Dallas, TX 972-787-1971 KFMA Tucson, AZ 520-880-KFMA KFRQ McAllen, TX 956-968-9494 KFTE Lafayette, LA 337-235-9636 KHTQ Spokane, WA 509-324-4000 KICT Wichita, KS 316-436-1095 KILO Col Sprngs, CO 719-633-KILO KISS San Antonio, TX 210-470-6120 KISW Seattle, WA 206-421-ROCK KJEE Santa Barbara, CA 805-899-3292 KLPX Tucson, AZ 520-880-KLPX KMBY Monterey, CA 877-700-KMBY KPNT St. Louis, MO 314-WOW-DUDE KQRC Kansas City, MO-KS 816-576-7989 KRQC Omaha, NE 402-962-9333 KRXQ Sacramento, CA 916-766-5000 KRZR Fresno-Visalia, CA 559-247-2000 KTEG Albuquerque, NM 505-338-EDGE KTUX Shrvport, LA 318-320-5889 KUFO Portland, OR 800-344-KUFO KUPD Phoenix, AZ 602-260-9800 KXTE Las Vegas, NV 702-791-1075 KXXR Minneapolis, MN 651-989-9393 KZRQ Springfield, MO 417-577-7625 WAAF Boston, MA 617-931-1AAF WAQZ Cincinnati, OH 513-749-1071 WBCN Boston, MA 617-536-8000 WBRU Providence,RI 800-659-9550 WBZX Columbus, OH 800-821-9970 WCCC Hartford, CT 860-525-WCCC WEDG Buffalo, NY 716-644-9334 WFNX Boston, MA 877-FNX-RADIO WJBX Ft. Myers, FL 941-275-4999 WJRR Orlndo, FL 888-978-1001 WKLQ Grnd Rpds, MI 616-774-9450 WLUM Milwaukee, WI 414-799-ROCK WLZR Milwaukee, WI 888-453-1030 WMFS Memphis, TN 901-382-9290 WNFZ Knoxville, TN 865-656-5943 WNOR Nrflk-Prtsmth 757-366-9999 WOTT Watertown 315-786-9552 WPLA Jacksonville, FL 904-448-0933 WQXA Harrsbrg-Yrk, PA 800-332-1057 WRAT Monmouth, NJ 732-681-3890 WRIF Detroit, MI 313-298-9743 WRLR Birmingham, AL 205.741.9730 WRWK Toledo, OH 419-861-1065 WRZX Indianapolis, IN 317-239-9103 WSTZ Jackson, MS 601-995-0106 WTPT Greenvlle-Sprtnbrg 864-233-7032 WXDX Pittsburgh, PA 412-333-WXDX WXRK New York, NY 888-923-K-ROCK WYSP Philadelphia, PA 215-263-ROCK