Today is the day...Five Pointe O's debut release Untitled hit the stores... First off, a huge thanks go out to those of you that showed up last night at the Crows Nest in Crest Hill, Illinois for the Five Pointe O listening party / midnight sale. You bought all the stock within 45 minutes. Very cool. Thank you. Guess serving only pizza and soda did the trick...HOWEVER, imagine how quick the music would have gone if we did order in strippers... Anyway, in honor of the release, we have posted an MP3 from the lead track on the album, a song called "Double X Minus". Check it out in our MUSIC section. And amongst your travels on the net, check out some reviews on this piece: - Wook tells, "The band are boldly experimental and meld together many genres, but they accomplish it without falling victim to the common errors of the many who have tried to mix things up before them..." - "The death metal parts are fucking wicked..." - "Delivering one of the years most riveting and substance-thick records, Five Pointe O's Untitled creates melodies of bewilderment, clearly setting a new standard in the eyes ofmusic listeners and artistic creators alike." - "How many times have you purchased a new metal album and been really pissed off because only one song kicked ass, well this won't be one of those times..." (flash site, no direct link) - "Can you remember the last time you were punched in the face, and liked it? I can. It happened to me on a Friday afternoon, after I put Five Pointe O's new cd, Untitled, into my stereo..." - "Five Pointe O is just one of those bands who will help create a refreshing direction in rock music..." - "I have always thought that music was something more then just something to dance or mosh to, Five Pointe O proves my theory correct..." - "Five Pointe O is a band out of Illinois that has recently been given the opportunity to expand in the music scene, and they took full advantage of it..."