It's been a long time coming...perhaps too long...almost 2 years...with that in mind, we are very pleased to tell you that COAL CHAMBER is hitting the road. It's true. Coal Chamber has been confirmed to play on the upcoming Jagermeister Music Tour, a tour which will mark Coal Chamber's first live performances since April 2000. It's true. For those of you whom do not know, Jagermeister is a type of liquor...more to come on that later. Anyway, the good folks at Jagermeister are sponsoring a tour, this tour which will feature 4 acts, one of them being COAL CHAMBER. Who else will be on the bill? Good question. Ill Nino will be playing directly prior to Coal Chamber each night, and Drowning Pool will be headlining the festivities. Apparently there will be a 4th act, the opener. However, who that act will be has yet to be determined. This tour is slated to start on March 8th in Florida, and will run until sometime in late April. More details to follow... note - we previously wrote that Jagermeister is a liquor..."no shit" you say? True, we are sure all of you already know. Onward and Upward. To celebrate Jagermeister sponsoring this tour, we will give you a Jager Recipe each and every time we write something about it (recipes as taken from Only read further is thou art 21 years of age or over, or thou doeth live in a country with a drinking age a bit more young. Recipe #1 - A Shot And A Beer Description Great way to start out the evening. One ice cold shot of Jagermeister and one of your favorite beers. Take a shot, then enjoy your beer. Let's face it folks, it just makes sense... Hey, and let's cheers to Coal Chamber hitting the road in the months to come.