Many a word has been posted on the message board and rumors on other sites have surfaced about this, but for the first time we can now say it is official - Jerry Cantrell is now on Roadrunner Records. Though he needs no introduction, Cantrell was a founding member, guitarist, vocalist, and writer for the legendary seminal act Alice In Chains - a band that took a then underground movement in the nineties to every rock fan in the world. Cantrell comes to Roadrunner armed with 25 songs which he wrote and recorded independent of any label help whatsoever - 25 songs he had full reign to go in whatever direction he needed. On these recordings, Cantrell does all the vocals and guitars, while the rhythm section comes from bassist Robert Trujillo (Ozzy & Suicidal Tendencies) and drummer Mike Bordin (Ozzy & Faith No More). We look forward to sharing Cantrell's new music with you shortly - current plans are in place for a tentative May 14th release titled Degradation Trip, 14 songs hand picked by Cantrell himself. If you had the chance to catch Cantrell on tour this past summer, you got a taste of what to expect on Degradation Trip...for those of you who didn't, for now we'll just say that Jerry updates the Alice In Chains sound, and at the same time, summons the menacing rock groove of his former band. Jerry Cantrell, proud to have you onboard. and for your viewing pleasure, the track listing for the upcoming Cantrell release is as follows: 01. Psychotic Break (4:08) 02. Bargain Basement Howard Hughes (5:36) 03. Anger Rising (6:15) 04. Angel Eyes (4:43) 05. Solitude (3:59) 06. Mother Spinning In Her Grave (3:52) 07. Hellbound (6:45) 08. Give It A Name (4:02) 09. Castaway (4:59) 10. She Was My Girl (3:57) 11. Chemical Tribe (6:34) 12. Spiderbite (6:58) 13. Locked On (5:36) 14. Gone (5:05)