In a revealing interview with Gun Shy Assassin, Times of Grace frontman Jesse Leach told a touching story about an experience he had in London recently that perfectly sums up where he is as a person and how that equates to where he is as a musician.

Diving deep to discuss the upcoming album The Hymn of a Broken Man - which has been moved to a January 18th, 2011 release date - Jesse goes on to talk about how this project between him and his one-time Killswitch Engage bandmate Adam Dutkiewicz means the world to them.

"“I wanted to really make sure that this project…this band, when it comes out, that people know it’s not Killswitch, it’s not Seemless, it’s not The Empire Shall Fall. It’s its own thing. I want everything to be just right... When we initially started recording this record, there was no talk of putting together a band or touring on it or even putting it out. This was something we had to do. We had to get together and record this. So for us, there were no limitations. We weren’t recording it with the thought of, ‘Oh how are we going to pull this off live?’ Some people will be excited; others will be like, ‘This isn’t Alive or Just Breathing. Of course it’s not. I wouldn’t want it to be. It’s almost ten years since that time…I am a very different person than I was then.”

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