Jim Marshall, the founder of Marshall Amplifications, has died at age 88. It would be impossible to assemble a full list of the bands who've played through Marshall amps over the last 50 years - suffice it to say rock music would sound vastly different without his inventions. The "Marshall stack" - a head and two 4x12 cabinets - is one of the most iconic pieces of equipment in rock history, seen everywhere from clubs to arenas across the globe.

Among the Roadrunner artists who use Marshall amps: Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, Tyler Connolly of Theory of a DeadmanStone Sour, Korn, Machine Head, Airbourne, and Opeth (Mikael Åkerfeldt signed an endorsement deal with Marshall earlier this year). You can see the iconic Marshall stacks in Airbourne's video for "Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast," above. The band also posted the following message on Twitter:


"Jim Marshall, Rock 'n' Roll owes you its heart and soul, may your amps ring in our ears until the end of time. Rock In Peace."