JUST IN TIME! Just as I was walking into NYC's The Wetlands last night (03/11) to see Glassjaw, the chick at the door yelled to all in line, "We are at capacity, no more (cats) will be let in now." Damn, I have never seen The Wetlands so packed before, and on a Sunday no less... You will be happy to know, Glassjaw played a couple new tracks during their set, the first of which was their opener. As of now, the track has no title, but Daryl tentatively dubbed it "The Jeff Buckley Song" (don't quote me on the spelling). Later in the set they played a second new track, called "Midwestern Stylings". Just a couple quick mentions about the show - 1) Daryl's voice never ceases to amaze me. 2) The crowd was fantastic, I haven't seen a show in quite some time where everyone was singing along and simply going crazy (cheers to all the NYHC out there). 3) I don't think I've ever seen a band have so much fun on stage. 4) Last but not least, the songs. As Daryl's voice always amazes me, I don't know how this is possible, but their songs sound better and better every time I hear them played too! Other Glassjaw News - As you most likely know by now, bassist Manuel Ragoonanan Carrero has parted ways with the band. Currently, Mitchell, formerly of This Moment On, is taking to the bass duties for the band. Also, as you know, Glassjaw will be hitting the road with NEW FOUND GLORY and Movie Life starting April 4th (see TOUR DATES for more details). BUT, what you may not know is that Glassjaw will also be playing at NYC's CBGB's (on the Bowery) this upcoming Sunday (03/18) in a benefit show for Movie Life. Hot Rod Circuit and Thisyearsmodel, among others, will also be playing. And Last But Not Least, I just put up a handful of photos taken from Glassjaw's show at the Wetlands last night (03/11). No, they aren't the best quality, I simply could not get my ass close enough to the stage. I challenge Y'ALL to have done any better! Check out Glassjaw's PHOTO GALLERY to see what I'm talking about!