message from Sinch: Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concert We will be playing a Hurricane Katrina benefit concert on Sunday, October 2nd. This is an ALL AGES show at Grape Street in Philadelphia, PA. Please come out and show your support. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross. As I'm sure anyone who's not in a coma knows by now, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf coast and left hundreds of thousands of people homeless and with nowhere to go. It's going to take *years* to rebuild and in the meantime all of those people are going to need help. We may not raise a million dollars -- actually I'm fairly certain that we won't even come close to that -- but every dollar counts. I'm sure many of you have already donated, some of you multiple times. Even so, come out, put down your $10 and enjoy the show knowing that it's gonna help some people out of a horrible situation. Again, this is an ALL AGES show so there's really no excuse not to come. And in case all you alcoholics are wondering -- yes, they will still be serving alcohol if you are of age. Just bring your ID and you'll be all set to do some Sunday afternoon drinking. And by the way, I'm sure there's an Eagles game on or something, but screw that. This is obviously way more important (and awesome). We hope to see you all there. Here are the details: Sunday October 2, 2005 Grape Street 4100 Main Street Manayunk, PA with: 13Even, Liquid Cloud 9, Automatic Bl! ack, Northstar ! Infinite and Undercast cost: $10.00 showtime: 2-9pm THIS IS AN ALL AGES SHOW (21+ to drink)