Blues-rock guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd, whose latest album How I Go comes out today, was interviewed by, discussing multiple subjects from his vocal style to his personal life, the persistent comparisons to Stevie Ray Vaughan, and much more. There's also a lot of gear talk.

Says Shepherd about singing on the new album, "I wish I sounded like Muddy Waters or John Lee Hooker, but I don’t. I choose the songs where my voice works well and I sing those. For the songs where my voice doesn’t quite cut it, I don’t have a problem having someone else do it. I have standards that I want my music to meet and I want every aspect of my music to be as good as possible. If that means somebody else is doing the singing, then so be it. It doesn’t bother me one bit."

On the subject of Stevie Ray Vaughan, he says, "You can’t please everybody and there’s always going to be haters out there. They want to throw me in a category of being a Stevie Ray clone as if I can’t do anything beyond what he did. Those people obviously have never really given my music a fair listen. I’ve done tons of music that I don’t think Stevie Ray Vaughan ever would have done. I’ve never heard Stevie Ray Vaughan do anything like “Blue On Black,” and it was number one for 17 consecutive weeks on the rock charts."

At the same time, he admits, "If there wasn’t a Stevie Ray Vaughan, there probably wouldn’t be a Kenny Wayne Shepherd. He was my hero and he still is one of my heroes."

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How I Go is available from iTunes and Amazon, as well as Best Buy, where you can pick up the special edition, which includes bonus tracks and exclusive art.