Killswitch Engage guitarist/producer Adam D. was interviewed by Alternative Press, and talked about the new music they're working on, reintegrating vocalist Jesse Leach into the lineup, and much more.

Regarding "No End in Sight," the new song the band has premiered on their current tour, he says, "We’re working out the kinks since we’ve barely played it as a full group, so the more we play it, the tighter it will feel. Kids seem to be responding to it pretty well, and I think we’re playing in front of a lot of new faces this tour, so it’s kind of a cool reaction, anyway."

He says of the band's writing process, "We all try to come up with ideas on our own and then bring them to the table...We want to make sure everybody has a say even on songs that somebody completely writes from start to finish. At the end of the day, we’re a five-dude band, not one-dude band."

And regarding Jesse's return and the fans' overwhelmingly favorable response, he says, "I know for a fact that we’re all stoked to be back doing this...I always want to make sure I give my gratitude to all the fans and everybody waiting around and supporting us. It’s great to see us coming back and people still caring and coming out."

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