Killswitch Engage's guitar team, Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroetzel, recently spoke to MusicRadar about metalcore—from equipment tips to riff-writing advice and more. Among the info they offered:

Adam explains Killswitch's writing process as follows: "Some days somebody will write an entire song, some days somebody will write most of a song and then we'll spice it up and chop it up, but if somebody writes something and one riff sticks out that's just lame, we'll be like, 'That sucks. Get it out of there!' We're all friends, so we can give each other as much shit as we want."

Joel argues against ultra-modern production, saying, "Yeah, even the guitar parts—with the guitar tone and drum tone—you almost can't tell if things are programmed. Guitars are [recorded] direct and a lot of things are getting a little more sterile. I think it's just an easy way out."

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