The European Roadrunner Road Rage tour - headlined by Killswitch Engage - is over...rising from the fog, Killswitch Engage has been playing some east coast dates with Shadows Fall. Well, tonight (12/09) at The 3rd Annual Syndicate Metal Xmas Ball, this string of six tour dates come to an in NYC at Irving Plaza. KsE vocalist the Howard Jones and guitarist Joel Stroetzel stopped by the Roadrunner office a few moments ago on the way to Irving Plaza (just a mere 7 or so blocks away). We had a few questions for Howard and Joel in regards to this European tour they just returned from...they are as follows: Roadrunner: Your first time touring Europe, what are the 5 things you remember most about Europe? Joel: Tom Dice shitting in a bag (KsE merch cat) Howard: Terrible food in the UK. RR: That's a big surprise, not really (to Kirsten and the rest of the folk at RR UK, we mean that in the nicest possible way) to elaborate? Howard: If you don't eat fish & chips, there's nothing...everything was just bad, even the soda was bad... Joel: Just awful. RR: The remaining three on the list? Howard: The smell of Tom's bunk (Tom Dice, that is, not drummer Tom Gomes). Joel: the smell of Mark's bunk (sound cat) Howard: And for the last, I'd say a tie between Mike (D'Antonio, bass) breaking his bass on my head and me getting left behind in Dublin, Ireland. RR: You got left in Dublin? Howard: oh yeah...they were in Belfast - the next stop on the tour - and then discovered I was not there... __________ __________ __________ __________ RR: For what 5 reasons are you most happy to be back in US? Joel: Sleep in a bed. Howard: Eating good American food in said bed. Joel: Showering without flip flops. Howard: Being able to use a phone. Howard: tv. Joel: tv is nice... __________ __________ __________ __________ RR: And the top 5 reasons you will look forward to going back to Europe? (long pause) RR: C'mon guys, not all at once...hello??? (yes, the last two lines were just a joke...) Joel: Drinking Guinness in Ireland because I missed it the first time. Howard: Make sure you specify that was Joel only... Howard: The crowds themselves - some of the most awesome crowds ever. Joel: Shopping in London RR: Shopping in London??? Are you guys homos??? Joel: Most certainly...not. RR: Not bad...and the last couple reasons? Howard: Fish & chips in Birmingham Howard: Laughing at the hard rock metal dance clubs. and one bonus answer... Joel: McD's in every country We thank the Howard Jones and Joel greatly for their time...(as they run off to sound check for tonight's show)... Killswitch Engage Alive Or Just Breathing in stores now