As Killswitch Engage continue to unveil new episodes of their tour diary of their first-ever tour in South America every Monday, bassist Mike D'Antonio discusses the trek with Noisecreep. From the crowd response to the hospitality the band encountered to the beautiful rain forest all but destroyed in Sao Paolo, Mike D. explains it all.

"The shows were fantastic," D'Antonio explains to Noisecreep. "I don't know why we didn't go down there sooner. Everyone is extremely starved for music and shows down there. They are appreciative, sing along. Everything we like our fans to do, they did a hundredfold. It's always exciting to play somewhere new, it makes it exciting for us again. Really cool."

Of the food and hospitality, Mike D. explains: "I don't know if they just wanted to stuff us full of food everywhere we went... The cool thing was that I'm an 18-year vegetarian, and we have a vegan on our crew. The rest of the guys are super meat eaters. But all the food was amazing ... some of the best I've ever had. There were so many vegetarian restaurants."

As for the depleted tropical environment, he explains, "Sao Paulo used to be all rain forests. They left one spot in the town as a reminder of what it used to be like. It can't be more than a city block wide. Pretty small, but amazing to look at. It doesn't have all the animals from the rain forests, but it has nasty spiders and crazy snakes. So, you don't want to venture off the path too much."

Read more about D'Antonio's account of the trek here, and don't miss the first two video installments of Killswitch's time in South America below. Be sure to check out the next episode this Monday.